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 Baofeng Radio


Baofeng Radio is a relatively new manufacturer from China, but their little walkie-talkie / handie-talkie radios are a real winner.  I bought one a few months ago and I can state it's a fantastic value.  I know there is a stigma about Chinese radios but I decided to take a gamble... a great price... how could I go wrong.  Well, the Baofeng is a very good value for very little money.

As an Amateur radio op, it's a great backup to my Icom IC-T81A (no longer manufactured and a LOT more expensive when it was sold) and for all intents and purposes, works just as well on the two bands.  The software to program the Baofeng is just about as spartan as the old Icom software, but unlike the Icom, it's EASY to program the radio from the buttons on the face of the handie!  You really don't even need the programming software and cable, if you want to save a few bucks.

I bought an extra battery for my UV5B and keep them charged up (and YES, the charger IS a smart charger that will quit charging when the battery if fully charged... unlike cheaper radios that will just keep charging forever).

This radio even has a switchable "Roger Beep" that sounds similar to Midland/Uniden GMRS radios Roger Beeps.  I chose to leave it off since I use the radio on amateur frequencies.

The radio works from 137 - 174 Mhz and 400 - 520 Mhz.

I also bought a UV-82 as pictured below, another great and versatile handie!

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