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GMRS Repeaters

In the chart, channels 15 to 22 are capable of being used as repeater output channels. This means that those channels are available for GMRS repeater use. Most of the less-expensive GMRS handies are not capable of repeater operation, but are simplex only, meaning they transmit and receive on the same frequency. Commonly, retailers call these less expensive walkie-talkies as bubble-pack radios due to their packaging for ease of display in big-box stores. The UHF mobiles by Icom, Motorola and others, are capable of split operation, as they are primarily made for professional use, i.e. business and first-responders, where reliability is not an option. So if you find a need for repeater operation with your 2-way radio, you will have to dig just a little bit deeper into your pocket.

gmrs frequencies repeater

GMRS repeaters are mostly in larger metropolitan areas where hobbyists want the extra range and will put up the bucks to setup a repeater. These are private repeaters which means you mostly must get the owners permission to use it. Also, they are usually protected by tone encoding so you won't be able to trip the repeater unless you enable the proper set of tones (CTCSS) on your radio which will be supplied to you by the repeater owner or controller, once (if) you're approved to use it. Again, only the more expensive professional grade radios will have tones capabilities along with split.