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CB Radio

At this time there are a few alternatives to GMRS radio and the most popular and time proven is the good ol' C.B. Radio.


Although CB is simply great for mobile and base use, the handies in this frequency range are limited by a couple of things which keep them from being a viable alternative to GMRS Radio. One is the size of the unit (much larger) and of course the antenna is much much longer, because it has to operate on 27 mhz vs. 462 mhz. Hence, a CB walkie-talkie will have a collapsable antenna, whereas a GMRS handie will not need that, because of the (already short) antenna.

However, there's nothing quite like a CB, and it does reach out further when using a mobile 2-way radio (vs. a handie-talkie). HERE is the current listing of CB radios offered on

cobra cb

 Here's a short video of a Galaxy Radio model DX88HL with Confederate flag faceplate and chrome covers.