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Cobra Radio

Cobra Radio is probably one of the best known radio brands in the world.  Apparently Cobra no longer manufactures FRS only handies, but all their handies now have both GMRS and FRS channels.  The FRS channels automatically switch to low (500 mW) power and the GMRS channels operate anywhere from 1 watt to 5 watts, depending on model.  The Cobra Microtalk leads the way with in the Cobra GMRS Radio lineup.

Cobra Radio is well-known for their world famous CB radios, so marketing a hobby radio in another spectrum is very easy for them to do. The Cobra Radio lineup is widely varied from inexpensive to feature-packed radios.

New GMRS and VHF Marine Walkie-Talkie

A relatively new model Cobra Radio on the market is a VHF Marine walkie-talkie with GMRS built-in (see above) and branded it as the HH425LI-VP. As far as I know, this is still the only VHF Marine/GMRS radio on the market. This would be a handy tool for boaters, especially those required by regulations to carry a Marine radio on their craft. This handie adds GMRS channels for very little cost!

Although Cobra advertises that their radios will work from (depending on model) between 10 miles to 35 miles, these are under optimal conditions that you won't likely see.  Optimal would be on a lake, boat to boat, or on a mountaintop, with a clear view of the ground.  Realistically, the highest powered Handie will have much less range in "real life", with buildings, trees, hills, and other obstacles, interfering with the signal.

Check out the lineup of Cobra GMRS radios here!

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