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Motorola Radio - GMRS and 900 Mhz 

Motorola Radio is a world famous 2-way radio manufacturer that have been in business for decades.  It's only natural they would want to expand into the GMRS market.  The world famous Motorola Talkabout has got to be one or the most recognized brands of walkie-talkie ever made.

Motorola GMRS has many UHF handies available.  Motorola, too, no longer manufactures FRS only handies, but all their handies now have both GMRS and FRS channels.  The FRS channels automatically switch to low (500 mW) power and the GMRS channels operate anywhere from 1 watt to 5 watts, depending on model.

Here is a high-end featured packed Motorola with a 5 star rating, the Motorola MU350R:


Overall, the Motorola Radio lineup offers radios anywhere from relatively inexpensive to fairly pricey.

Motorola advertises that their walkie-talkies will work from between 10 miles to 35 miles (exactly the same range that Cobra advertises... hmm...).  However, these are under optimal conditions that you won't see in the city or the burbs.  Optimal is on a lake, boat to boat, or on a mountaintop, with a clear view of the ground.  Realistically, these Handies will have much less range in "real life" than advertised, because of buildings, trees, hills, and other obstacles, interfering with the signal.

Here's a quick video showing the features of the popular Motorola Motorola MR355R, a loaded GMRS radio.


900 Mhz Digital Radio

Recently, Motorola has introduced a new mode which operates on the license free 900 mhz band using "frequency hopping", similar to CDMA cell phone technology.  The big advantage to this type of technology is that it's virtually impossible for someone else to eavesdrop on you or interfere with you.  The handies are license free and use 1-watt.  No higher wattage models are available.  These 900 MHz handies are priced very similar to their business band handies, so they aren't for folks looking for an inexpensive handie to keep track of the kids in the neighborhood. In fact it seems Motorola is marketing their handies for the business user, as they advertise it as a "Digital on-site portable radio".