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MURS Radio

The other alternative to use in place of GMRS Radio is the Multi-Use Radio System, or MURS. This is a VHF based frequency block of 5 channels around 152 mhz, which are available for personal or business use.  Power output is limited to 2 watts and with all other systems, the channels are shared.  Some folks report slightly better range with the VHF radios vs. GMRS UHF frequencies.  The big advantage to MURS?  No license required!  If you don't live in a large city, this would be a great choice, if you don't mind shelling out the extra bucks.  Note however, you can not use repeaters on MURS.

Since MURS has only 5 channels available, vs. the 22 GMRS channels, the demand for the radios is not as high as FRS/GMRS and therefore, the variety of brand names of MURS radios is just a fraction of the GMRS radios offerings.

 MURS Frequencies

 Channel 1  151.820 Mhz

 Channel 2  151.880 Mhz

 Channel 3  151.940 Mhz

 Channel 4  154.570 Mhz

 Channel 5  154.600 Mhz

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