GMRS Frequencies

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MURS Radio

The other alternative to use in place of GMRS Radio is the Multi-Use Radio System, or MURS. This is a VHF based frequency block of 5 channels around 152 mhz, which are available for personal or business use.  Power output is limited to 2 watts and with all other systems, the channels are shared.


Since MURS has only 5 channels available, vs. the 22 GMRS channels, the demand for the radios is not as high as FRS/GMRS and therefore, the variety of brand names of MURS radios is just a fraction of the GMRS radios offerings.

 MURS Frequencies

 Channel 1  151.820 Mhz

 Channel 2  151.880 Mhz

 Channel 3  151.940 Mhz

 Channel 4  154.570 Mhz

 Channel 5  154.600 Mhz