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TriSquare eXRS 900 MHz Radio

For the consumer, the most attractive alternative to GMRS Radio is a relatively new type of handie on the market from the TriSquare eXRS lineup that works on 900 Mhz using "frequency hopping", similar to CDMA cell phone technology.  The big advantage to this type of technology is that it's virtually impossible for someone else to eavesdrop on you or interfere with you.  The handies are license free and use 1-watt.  No higher wattage models are available.  There are two models of this eXRS model, the TSX100 and TSX300.

NOTE: It appears TriSquare is no longer manufacturing these radios.  Look for them used, if you can find a pair!

The alternative is the Motorola 900 Mhz radios.



exrs tsx300

TriSquare eXRS TSX300-2VP 900MHz FHSS Digital Two-Way Radio (Pair)

Someone else makes walkie-talkies that work on 900 Mhz...Motorola also makes a couple of 900 Mhz handies, but they are marketed as "business radios" so they are priced considerably higher than the TriSquare.