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Garmin Rino GMRS Radio with GPS

Garmin is best known for their quality GPS units. What they've done here is that they've incorporated these GPS units with GMRS handie-talkies and named them the Garmin Rino.

Obviously an urban dweller might not have the best use for models such as these... but hikers, ranchers, farmers, anyone who regularly gets off the beaten path, may find these particularly useful.  Of course it's not necessary to buy two, if your accomplice won't be out of radio range; you'll be the primary GPS holder while still being able to direct the rest of the group who can use GMRS Radios which are not equipped with GPS.

Because these 2-way radios are both a GMRS Handie and a GPS unit, they are pricey compared to a GMRS only unit.  If you're looking for a GMRS to keep track of the kids in the neighborhood or any other leisurely activity, you probably won't want to shell out a couple of C-notes for an added GPS option.  But if you like to hike, explore, or any other number of reasons to be in the great outdoors and have others in your party that you want to keep in contact with, this is definitely the ticket for you!