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Icom Radio

Icom Radio has long been known in the Amateur Radio community as a manufacturer of very high quality radios.  HF, VHF and UHF radios encompass a vast lineup in the Amateur line, while Icom also manufacturers radios for business, FRS and GMRS use.  It's in this realm that I can say I have an Icom Radio that works perfectly on the GMRS Frequencies.

I personally own an Icom IC-T81A quad-band radio (I have been a licensed amateur radio op for several years) and it is a great little handie.  I also owned a 2 meter (VHF) Icom mobile radio eons ago, and never had any trouble with it.

My personal experience with Icom

As well as the IC-T81A handie-talkie, I used to own an Icom IC-4088 which is a FRS only handie talkie.  An excellent little handie which is as reliable as the day is long. The US military is purported to be using Icom FRS handies for several different uses.  That should speak volumes about it's reliability.

icom radio


I own a pair of Icom IC-F621-TR mobiles that I use for GMRS.  These mobiles are commercial grade, operate at 45 watts output, and are repeater capable from the get-go.  However, they are much pricier than any GMRS "only" handie you can find.  But I know some folks are willing to pay the extra bucks for commercial grade radios.  So here's a few of the "commercial grade" UHF handies that can be programmed to work on GMRS, from Icom.  The IC-F621-TR can also be used for trunked radio operations, so a less expensive professional, full power radio would be the Icom IC-F6021 UHF full power mobile radio. IMHO you can't go wrong with an Icom Radio.

icom radio 

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