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Midland Radio

Midland Radio is a very well known quality made 2-way radios.  Midland has been known for years as making great CB radios  and they still manufacture two mobile and two handies for the Citzens Band.  It's only natural they would want to expand into the GMRS Radio market and they have done so very sucessfully. 

 Midland Radio has many GMRS handies available.  Midland, too, no longer manufactures FRS only handies, but all their handies now have both GMRS and FRS channels.  The FRS channels automatically switch to low (500 mW) power and the GMRS channels operate anywhere from 1 watt to 4 watts, depending on model.

Right now Midland has an amazing sale on two of it's top of the line pairs of GMRS Radios!  The GXT1000VP4 is the best selling GMRS radio pair on Amazon and has been for quite a while.


Midland Radio is also the only manufacturer who offers what can be considered a base FRS unit, which has the GMRS channels as well.  It's the XT-511 Base Camp.  No other manufacturer offers a crank powered portable GMRS radio such as the Base Camp GMRS radio. 

 The Midland Radio lineup is very extensive, in fact probably the most extensive of GMRS Radio manufacturers.

Midland advertises that their radios will work from between 10 miles to 36 miles (one more mile than the maximum range the Cobra advertises... hmmm...).  These may be possible under optimal conditions that you won't see in the city or the burbs.  Optimal would be on a lake, boat to boat, or on a mountaintop, with a clear view of the surrounding area.  Realistically, these Handies will have much less range in "real life" than advertised, because of buildings, trees, hills, and other obstacles, interfering with the signal.

midland gxt5000 kit

Listed above are some of the most popular Midland GMRS radios.  In my humble opinion, you can't go wrong with a Midland radio.  These rigs are quality.